Driving Courtesy

Driving Courtesy

Driving Courtesy is a Must

Drivers of any vehicle on the road including bicyclist and pedestrians, must use common sense when driving or walking when traffic is around. Sometimes it’s not breaking the law, but putting others in danger because of what you do or how you do it.

People must use the rules of the road, which are there to protect everyone, without those rules there would be total chaos out there. Common sense leads to common courtesy. You need to respect others and you need to be cautious and observant of what others are doing or going to do. You cannot control everything while you are driving, control what you can and beware of what’s going on around you.

Road signs, traffic signals, lane lines and crosswalks all serve an important part of our daily trips on the road. Your proper driving can help prevent accidents and injuries to you and others. We can go on and on about all the blunders and stupid things we see daily, but it probably will not do any good here, you probably see the same things. Do your part in keeping the laws and expressing common sense and courtesy and it may become infectious to others.

Your proper driving may make you “John Doe a little late, instead of the late John Doe.” Lack of common sense and courtesy leads to accidents, injuries and death, that could have been prevented in 99 out of a 100 cases.

Texting and dialing your cell phone while driving is not using common sense, talking on a cell phone, to me, is like talking to someone else in the car. Don’t let cell phone talk or talking to others in the car distract you from your primary duty as the driver.

Statistics show the chances of being involved in an accident are greatly increased when you or others choose to disregard the rules of the road. Again, this includes bicyclist and pedestrians.