Safe Driving Tips For Employees

Stay Focused

All drivers should keep their attention focused on the road at all times, and this advice is especially important in the case of a driver who is operating heavy equipment. Avoid distractions such as changing the radio station or eating and drinking while behind the wheel.

Stay Alert

A full 60% of American drivers admit to having driven while drowsy, and 37% claim to have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. When you are too tired to drive, your reaction time is slowed substantially, and you are unable to maintain focus on the road, and remain alert to your surroundings. If you find yourself unable to drive safely because you are too tired, consider pulling over to rest. If this problem is frequently reoccuring talk to your health care provider – it could be a sign of something more serious.

Stay Off Your Cell Phone

These days cell phones seem to have practically become a living part of us, but with the increase in cell phone usage comes the inevitable increase in accidents cause by distracted drivers using their cell phones. In nost states, using a phone while driving is illegal.

Ask Your Employer for a GPS Device

GPS devices offer an alernative solution to navigation without being tempted to use a cell phone or even consult a map.  The GPS is programmed with the destination prior to the trip and gives the driver verbal directions on how to get where he wants to go. This can be especially helpful for delivery drivers who must make multiple stops.

Identify Impaired Drivers

Impaired drivers are a huge road hazard. Learn how to identify a driver that may be under the influence of alcohol or simply drowsy. These drivers often weave and swerve, and they may change speeds frequently. If you see a driver acting this way, you should stay a safe distance away. If it’s safe to do so, pull over and call the police from inside your car. You might not want to get involved, but alerting the police to a potentially impaired driver may just save a life.