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Idaho 6 Hour Point Reduction Course


Idaho Point Reduction Class:

This is a 6-hour online course. You may complete the course in sections and go on and offline as many times as needed without losing any of your invested time. After you finish the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion which will be your documentation that you have completed the course.
The website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This course has been approved by the State of Idaho Transportation Department for driver record point reduction. A driver who successfully completes this course is able to receive a three-point reduction from his/her driving record. Idaho residents can choose to attend a defensive driving course once every 3 years. In order to receive the point reduction, you must mail a copy of your completion certificate to the Driver Services Attn: Suspension Unit P.O. Box 7129 Boise, Idaho 83707.

Please Note: Completion of this course does not remove a conviction from your driving record; it does reduce the accrued points by three. Once the Idaho Department of Transportation has suspended a driver for excessive points, attending a traffic class will not waive the suspension action.

A driver cannot bank points. An example would be the driver who has no points on his/her driving record, attends a defensive driving class, and later receives a conviction with points assessed. Since attendance in the class occurred before the conviction, no points can be removed. Subsequently, the driver may attend the same traffic class and points may then be removed.

It is your responsibility to provide a copy of the course completion certificate to the Idaho Transportation Department to receive the 3-point reduction.

This Pointbusters, Idaho state approved point reduction course will help you to remember laws that are taken for granted or forgotten in our everyday travels. Primary reasons for taking this point reduction courses is to keep points off your driving record, and to make you a safer and better driver and possibly lower your insurance rates..

This 6-hour defensive driving course is for Idaho drivers receiving a citation.

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