Be Aware of Road Conditions Always


Drivers should be concerned of road conditions when the weather conditions are less than desirable. As the seasons change in different parts of the country, road conditions change also as the temperature changes. One big factor you can start with and you can save yourself a lot of grief and heartache is to use the 4 second rule, in any kind of weather conditions. You cannot always control the vehicle behind you, but you can stay 4 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. This will give you more time to react to adverse situations that you see developing in front of you.

Parents, take time to discuss the rules and guidelines you have set for others driving your vehicle or your teen drivers driving their own vehicle. Teens especially, are less experienced driving and need to be made aware occasionally to take precautions when driving in undesirable conditions. When ever driving conditions are not normal, drivers should lower their speed accordingly, maybe 5 to 10 MPH or more if need be. Drivers, remember driving conditions may not be normal during holidays and special events such as graduation etc.

When the weather is bad or predicted to be bad, allow extra travel time wherever you are going. Be sure and have your headlights on when the weather is bad, it makes your vehicle more visible.

Use your head and common sense to stay as safe as you can. Always wear your seat belt, even if going to the corner store to get a loaf of bread. Seat belts reduce you chances of being seriously injured or killed by 50%, but only if you wear them.

You must drive defensively every time you go out on the road.

Some Information provided by: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety